Tuesday, April 14, 2009

image: Black-Tailed Prairie Dog

September 7, 1804
As seamen and I were out and about roming the fields we saw hundreds of rats. So we wanted to catch one to send back to the president. We tried to catch the rats but they were just to fast so we went back to camp to gather some more men to help us. On of the men told us that those weren't rats and that they were Black-Tailed Prairie Dogs. We tried for several hours diging and chacing  these animals. Finally one of my men said that mabye if we filled the holes with water that we would make them come out and he was right. So we caught one with slim, sparsely haired tail with a black tip wich was unique among prairie dogs.


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  2. Christian, what a striking website. The incredible first look black with well-chosen pictures of each of the animals you have chosen. Then, the music comes on (my favorite). And then I read each of your detailed descriptions of not only the animal, but the circumstances of your discovering the animal. Truly outstanding work. I must have made a mistake in my paybook, because you definitely deserve an $A for your first week. Please keep it up.