Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My mess squad

Christian has a brave attitude, encouraging to make others brave, he is also very good with taking care of children. Wants to bring back music and wants to see a real Grizzle Bear.

Marandah loves to cook and cooks efficiently, she also has lots of energy and is optimistic and can cheer people up, she is good with children, and she is also good with taking action shots. Miranda wants to bring back different clothing styles and recipes.

Drew is really good at doing magic and really good with children. He is also good at playing video games. Drew would like to collect video games and magic.

Mary likes to watch children. She is also good at violin, piano, and guitar. She would want to collect new foods, animals, and different art medias.

Chuck is good with communicating with new people, watching children, and having an interest in fashion. She wants to meet new people, she wants to learn their culture and language, and she also wants to take home music and some of the people’s fashion.

Skyler as good accuracy with a gun, being able to successfully scavenge for medical herbs, he also is very good with astronomy.

Jonathan will eat everything, especially donuts. He is good at watching children, a good cook, and uses lots of sarcasm. He hopes to collect recipes, food, music, forms of currency, and artwork.

Ken-doll is very good with fashion and sewing up ripped up and torn clothing. She is very funny. Ken-doll would take lots of photos and would want to learn about the different fashions.

Sir Rolyat is good with computer tech, video and film; he is also a creative builder. He is good at problem solving, fishing, cooking, and a good sense of humor. He would want to collect drawings, drawings and photos of animals, interesting films. He also would want to observe architecture.

Sophie is a talkative and mostly in a good mood. She can learn new languages quickly. She would wants to see old Indian journals, and jewelry.

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