Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dear Mr. Jefferson
The journey was the corps at its best. The journey was america at its best. When we reached the the pacific ocean I felt a tear burn down my face, it was a not a tear of sorrow but a tear of happiness. We've traveled far, making our way through the many obstacles we faced. My men gave an incredible amount of effort along this journey. No matter what we faced from walking on prickly pears to being chased by bears to pulling the keel boat up river when the water got to shallow, my men kept on going. We came across many more problems and my men kept on fighting for themselves and for america. We got see land that we or any one else in america had ever dreamed of seeing. I also encountered many different animals that all had there unique touch.

sign, Christian Pearson

 P.S. For my weekly labors, discoveries...for all my endeavors have brought to this  journey, I believe I should be paid the grade of an A.

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  1. Christian, be checking your old-fashioned mailbox in the upcoming days for a paper letter of congratulations and thanks from me. Until then, know that your final paygrade will be: $A-